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American Express FAQ

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A: You can use your Amex card abroad, but as you've found in the UK, American Express may only be accepted by certain companies when you're overseas. We're not sure if it's taken in every single country but you can use it in the USA, China, India, Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore, Iceland and extensively throughout Europe e.g. France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Spain etc.
A: Yes, but there are some limitations. The only eligible Amex cards in the UK are Personal or Small Business Credit or Charge Card, or an American Express Corporate Card. For more information visit: https://www.americanexpress.com/uk/bene...
A: No. As an American company, where online gambling is largely illegal, they prefer not to get involved with the possible litigation that may ensue. However, you can use services like Skrill to fund your betting account using your Amex card.
A: Yes. If you're approved via an online application, you'll be given your new account details immediately to use for online shopping.
A: No. It's unlikely you'll find a mortgage company that allows you to pay with any credit card let alone Amex. It's worth double checking with your mortgage provider though just in case.
A: We'd love to, in fact that's exactly how it used to be, but then we found it was too easy for other people to steal and copy all of the information we've worked so hard to get for you. Understandably we had to protect ourselves which sadly means it's a bit of a pain for you and we're sorry for that. Maybe in the future we'll change it back.

A: There are several reasons why some companies may not accept American Express (Amex) as a form of payment. One reason is that Amex charges higher fees to merchants than other credit card companies, which can make it less attractive for some businesses to accept Amex cards.

Another reason is that Amex has a smaller market share than other credit card companies, such as Visa and Mastercard. This means that a smaller percentage of consumers have Amex cards, which may make it less appealing for some businesses to accept Amex as a form of payment.

Additionally, some businesses may have concerns about the security and fraud protection offered by Amex, or they may have had negative experiences with the company in the past. These factors can also discourage businesses from accepting Amex cards.

Overall, while many companies do accept Amex as a form of payment, there are a number of factors that can influence a business's decision to accept or not accept Amex cards.

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